Introducing: Rhapsody

Hey folks, in addition to my photo editing duties on Hemispheres, I've been working hard on the launch of a new magazine, and here it is: Rhapsody, the new premium magazine for United Airlines' first-class cabins and lounges (and computers and iPads for the rest of us). The New York Times called it "high-minded"; I call it "a shit ton of work," a lot of which I'm proud of, especially this celeb fashion feature I produced (my first!) starring "New Girl" actress Hannah Simone, shot by amazing photographer duo Rene & Radka—as well as some front-of-book pieces I shot (here and here); features by Brigitte Lacombe and Justine Kurland; and all kinds of other stuff. I'm excited to be working with some really bright and talented folks on this one, and we've got some great stuff in the works for upcoming issues.